I have scoured the scanlation world and associated with all the misanthropic, eccentric, reclusive, egotistic, patronizing, obsessive, veteran, and experienced assholes in order to bring you the best of the best text guides that actually explain shit thoroughly and correctly.

DO NOT use machine translation (MTL) (using Google translate, DeepL, Jisho, and/or other automated translation tool without any competency in Japanese language and grammar and then reinterpreting the output so that it appears to make sense in English) if you are going to release something. You will end up with significant translation errors and frequently misinterpreted text. MTL only gives the appearance of a proper translation, but an incorrect translation will be incorrect no matter how nice the English sounds.

Just another attempt at a modern manga scanlating resource collection. Guides I consider outdated and redundant will not be included. Updated at my discretion. Find video guides elsewhere. Useful for both newbies and veterans. There’s always something new to learn. Suggestions always welcome. Last updated May 2022. Feel free to ask any questions or give feedback at

This list of guides primarily concerns with using Photoshop to scanlate. If you are looking for advice on how to use Photoshop or its tools, I recommend googling what you don’t know. Your question has been asked and answered many times over already!

QSS’s Introduction to Scanlation (image)

pnyxtr, circa 2009 (text)


Guide list

Essential Editing Guides

Essential Editing Tools and Resources

Situational Methods and Guides

Advanced Editing Tools and Guides

Skill practice

JP SFX Resources

Translator Guides

Supplementary Comprehensive Beginner’s Guides


5 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. I love v2.0.0 of illiteracy’s typesetterer tool, but my main problem with it is that it crashes if it comes across a file it doesn’t like, often without rhyme or reason. I wish I could contact (or even donate) to in some way, because there’s no way to reach him on his website. It’s a really helpful tool that shaves potentially hours off of my time spent lettering, I just wish there was a way to stop the crashing. Right now I’m using typesetterer in conjunction with typer tools to fill in for the files where it crashes.

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