Main notice:
Recruiting TLs for the following series: and
DM me

Always recruiting. You choose the series you want to work on, no deadlines, and work at your own pace. No money involved. Contact or visit for more info.

Here is the list of series I’m interested in working on and other projects I’m a part of that need more members on the team.

Interested in working on (also looking for JP>EN translators for these. Must be competent in both languages):

Recruiting editors! Training provided:

  • Cleaners
  • Redrawers
  • Typesetters
  • SFX Typesetters
  • Someone with a decent scanner to scan raws or a willingness to spend around $90 USD on one (you will NOT have to pay for any raws)

Recruiting/looking to help with:

  • JP -> EN translator for Bebop high live action movies or OVA
  • JP -> EN translator for Hyakki Yakoushou live action TV show

8 thoughts on “Recruitment”

  1. Hi, i saw your qualifications above and im so interested on it, am i able to qualify even only for entry level?

      1. Honestly, yeah its my hobby but if it pays well my not make it as part time job or full time job. 🙂

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