The Freudstein Twins Chapter 1


First chapter of a horror anthology by Sachiko Uguisu/Hiyodori. First 3 chapters are about the Freudstein twins, while the others are independent one shots. There are also two other anthologies that I have raws for. I’ll need a translator for this author. If you’re interested, email or message me. (Even any one chapter is enough!)

The images are 1100px, sue me. The other two anthologies have much better image quality.

Links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Volume 15, but actually soon this time around

Did I say by the end of the month? I did, didn’t I? I can’t pretend that I said nothing. ^_^’

Wellllllll… The volume will not be out by today. I’ve finished typesetting all the bubbles, so all that’s left is SFX and QC. Two weeks, tops! For now, refresh your memory with this character page, since I’m sure none of us have had any idea about what’s been going on:

character page

Update on updates 2

Long time no see!

There hasn’t been an update in a while, and I’m sorry for that. Now that my schedule has cleared up and settled down, I have more time to work on Desert Punk.

The plan right now is to spend a bit of time each day working on the chapters. I probably won’t release volume 15 until I finish the whole thing since I have all of the translations for that volume. After that, while I wait for more volume 16 translations I’ll rework volume 14 because as it is, it’s pretty difficult to understand the plot.

Thanks for being patient with me! Sunabozu releases are sometimes slow but never forgotten.

Update on updates

056 cut copy

Hate to bring bad news buuuuuut I’m unexpectedly going to be pretty busy up until September. Releasing a new chapter is very unlikely until then, and even then I’m not sure what my schedule will be. Chapter 95 currently has around 40% of the text typed out but not properly typeset and no redraws. For now, rest easy knowing that Utsune has translated all of volume 15 so far and since this series is not difficult to edit or typeset, scanlations will come out eventually.