Shikeishuu Chapter 1


New series. About a woman who goes around killing killers. Definitely NSFW.

The full japanese title is Shikeishuu ~Ijou Hanzaisha no Matsuro~ (私刑囚~異常犯罪者の末路~). 私刑 is self justice in a way, but shikei if written as 死刑 also means death penalty. Shuu means just prisoner/captive. The subtitle means “the last days of abnormal criminals” (psychopaths).

This series desperately needs redrawers, otherwise it will be released at a snail’s pace (please I’m desperate)

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Mr. Inagawa’s Ghost Story Treasure Box Oneshot


I spent a while continuously checking the amazon page for the listing of the original magazine this was published in. There’s currently one used issue on the amazon listing at 30k yen. Heeeeeeell no. Imagine my surprise when I saw it in a recent chapter of Nemuki. This wasn’t written by Itou Junji, so I was less enthusiastic about it, but the completionist feeling took over…

Thanks to koala for translating!

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From Another World Oneshot


Another isekai oneshot, written by the lovely Uguisu Sachiko! This time a joint with Death Toll scans, even though the staff is the same… At this point in time I’m considering looking for more isekai to work on just to keep this trend going.

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And from the translator:

Short post from Uguisu on her personal blogpost about the origins of the story:

“The work was a result of me accepting a request from an editor at UltraJump who asked me if I could, “Write an isekai reincarnation story”, however… I have absolutely no experience reading works in this genre, so this was the ultimate result of my hard work (Laughs). From the very first moment the editor saw the name, his impression of the story was, “This doesn’t feel like an isekai whatsoever”. Hahaha, thank you very much for reading the work.”

[Response to a commenter]: “It turns out that there are a lot of rules in isekai stories, like the main character being virtually invincible and such… Since I had no idea about any of this, I just wrote whatever I felt like. I’ve since begun reflecting on my action. Thank you very much for reading it.”