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Travelogue of the Succubus Chapter 1


A brand new series by Junji Ito.

This one is quite unique, in that it’s new, not an adaptation, is a serial, and is very Lovecraftian in nature. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect. Will it be episodic (it is a travelogue, after all)? Will it be one long continuous story like Hellstar Remina? Look forward to the next chapter!

Chapters 1 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex


The Freudstein Twins Anthology Chapter 7 + Extras


Final chapter. Extras included at the end since I’m too lazy to separate them. Thanks for reading!

Chapters 7 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Solanin Chapter 29


An epilogue set 11 years after the original story ended.

Links: Mega, Mangadex

The Freudstein Twins Anthology Chapters 4-5


These are two chapters that are stand-alone stories, unrelated to the Freudstein twins.

Chapters 4 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex
Chapters 5 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Skyhigh Heven Chapters 1-2 [END]


Something from one of my favorite authors that I’m very excited to release. Thanks to Momo for translating this!

Chapters 1-2 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Stalker Jokers Chapter 2


“Can you do this by tuesday?” ughhhh *grumble grumble grumble*

Links: Mega, Google, Mangadex