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Skyhigh Heven Chapters 1-2 [END]


Something from one of my favorite authors that I’m very excited to release. Thanks to Momo for translating this!

Chapters 1-2 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex


Stalker Jokers Chapter 2


“Can you do this by tuesday?” ughhhh *grumble grumble grumble*

Links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Joint with B-Minus Scans – Beyond the Bad Dream… Chapter 1


Helping out with Beyond the Bad Dream… by Uguisu Sachiko. Check out chapter 1 on mangadex!

Sunabozu Volume 16 Chapters 99-103


Volume 16. What can I say. It was faster with help.

Links: MegaGoogle, Mangadex


Stalker Jokers Chapter 1


Might have gotten a bit distracted.

(NSFW) Stalker Joker Chapter 1. Script brought to you by your local moody, beady-eyed, wide-faced fake bear.

Links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

The Freudstein Twins Chapter 3


Chapter 3. Next chapter is a stand-alone one shot.

Links: MegaGoogleMangadex

The Freudstein Twins Chapter 2

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Here’s chapter 2!

Links: MegaGoogleMangadex