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Welcome to Quicksand Scans, where we celebrate the sands of fiction.

Email: quicksandscans@gmail.com.
Mangaupdates link: https://www.mangaupdates.com/groups.html?id=9014
Discord server: https://discord.gg/emsJyUm

Current and Past Contributors:

  • achyif (editing)
  • Utsune (translations)
  • Enarion (editing)
  • L.M. (translations)
  • Koala (translations, tree screaming)
  • erebea (translations)
  • Momo (translations)
  • ckrit (translations)
  • humbugger omlet (translations)
  • Habanero (scans)
  • Velosiped (editing)
  • Constipat8 (editing)
  • amtt (scans)
  • Kago (editing)
  • das (raws)
  • Nike1421 (editing)
  • kilihito (translations)
  • TheShittyWiz (translations)
  • shikkakun (translations)
  • Soul (translations)
  • FlintlockHS (editing)
  • lacie (editing)
  • DrWhoCares (proofs)

Active Projects:

Other Series and Anthologies

Oneshots and Short Stories

Potential Projects and Recruitment

Friends of QSS

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