Paranoia Street Chapter 10


Something new. No guarantees about more chapters, since this is a difficult series to translate. Cross your fingers! (or offer to TL 😉)

Fun fact: At some point in the past, Paranoia Street was translated by molokidan, just like Desert Punk! I only learned that today…

Links: MegaGoogle, Mangadex



5 thoughts on “Paranoia Street Chapter 10

  1. James says:

    OHHH WOW!! Thank you for doing even one chapter…fingers crossed you are up to more, as I absolutely love Kago and very few people translate his stuff. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you so much!

  2. TreePeony says:

    It’s a shame you haven’t decided for sure that you’ll continue. Of course I do hope to see the series completed some day, but even if this is the only chapter you’ll ever do: thanks!

  3. Ai says:

    This is my favorite manga of all time and seeing a new chapter drop made my day!

  4. vigorousjammerx says:

    Holy hot damn! Thanks so much for this!
    Been waiting a while for someone to continue this.
    Hope to see more. 😀

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