Sunabozu Volume 15 Chapters 94-98


Here it is! It’s been way too long. Even volume 16 has been completely translated, that’s how far behind I am. Something else is in the works too, as if I’m not far behind enough as it is…

Links: MegaGoogle, Mangadex


9 thoughts on “Sunabozu Volume 15 Chapters 94-98”

  1. Hello everyone. Its great to see you guys, Achyif and Co. to keep on working on this niche manga. It takes a long time, but MAN OH MAN is it worth waiting for this gem. Since I first saw the Desert Punk Anime more than 10 years ago I have been a BIG FAN. I really appreciate your hard work, especially considering the obscure military terms and hard japanese often used in Sunabozu.

    Last but not least, I thank everyone involved for their continued hard work. I am looking forward to actually read the end of this manga in my lifetime, unlike Berserk XD

  2. Thank you so much! It’s nice to see that both the manga and translations of it are still going, long after the anime wrapped up.

    When are you planning on releasing the next batch of chapters?

    1. There are a few things I need to finish a few things first and a few TL fixes but once I get started it should take about 2 weeks to finish the next volume up. Maybe sometime in july?

      1. Definitely take your time, man. This was one of the best mangas of all time I’ve read; it’s incredible how much detail (down to the chest webbing) the author draws the various equipment and weapons of the characters here.

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