Update on updates

056 cut copy

Hate to bring bad news buuuuuut I’m unexpectedly going to be pretty busy up until September. Releasing a new chapter is very unlikely until then, and even then I’m not sure what my schedule will be. Chapter 95 currently has around 40% of the text typed out but not properly typeset and no redraws. For now, rest easy knowing that Utsune has translated all of volume 15 so far and since this series is not difficult to edit or typeset, scanlations will come out eventually.


3 thoughts on “Update on updates

  1. abdx says:

    thnx a lot for your work,

    waiting till September i guess

  2. H says:

    Thanks for all your work. Any chance of doing 87-90 at any point? The other groups didn’t seem to cover them.

    • 87-90 was actually done by a couple of volunteers. The chapters are on batoto. That said, I do plan on putting those chapters and the rest of volume 14 through a more rigorous QC while getting the volume extras translated. Who knows when that will happen though.

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