The Lighthouse Movie Adaptation Oneshot


An unusual oneshot done in an unusual style. This is Junji Ito’s 6 page partial adaptation of the movie The Lighthouse, included in the booklet given out with the movie showings in Japan. Though I’ve never seen the movie, the translator is a big fan. If you’re interested in the rest of the booklet, which includes some photos and biographies and other things in Japanese, here’s a download link for lower quality previews. If you want the full quality 600 DPI TIF scans, send an email to

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Shikeishuu Chapter 1


New series. About a woman who goes around killing killers. Definitely NSFW.

The full japanese title is Shikeishuu ~Ijou Hanzaisha no Matsuro~ (私刑囚~異常犯罪者の末路~). 私刑 is self justice in a way, but shikei if written as 死刑 also means death penalty. Shuu means just prisoner/captive. The subtitle means “the last days of abnormal criminals” (psychopaths).

This series desperately needs redrawers, otherwise it will be released at a snail’s pace (please I’m desperate)

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