Sunabozu Volume 16 Chapters 99-103


Volume 16. What can I say. It was faster with help.

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Stalker Jokers Chapter 1


Might have gotten a bit distracted.

(NSFW) Stalker Joker Chapter 1. Script brought to you by your local moody, beady-eyed, wide-faced fake bear.

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The Freudstein Twins Chapter 3


Chapter 3. Next chapter is a stand-alone one shot.

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The Freudstein Twins Chapter 2

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Here’s chapter 2!

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The Freudstein Twins Chapter 1


First chapter of a horror anthology by Sachiko Uguisu/Hiyodori. First 3 chapters are about the Freudstein twins, while the others are independent one shots. There are also two other anthologies that I have raws for. I’ll need a translator for this author. If you’re interested, email or message me. (Even any one chapter is enough!)

The images are 1100px, sue me. The other two anthologies have much better image quality.

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Paranoia Street Chapter 10


Something new. No guarantees about more chapters, since this is a difficult series to translate. Cross your fingers! (or offer to TL 😉)

Fun fact: At some point in the past, Paranoia Street was translated by molokidan, just like Desert Punk! I only learned that today…

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Sunabozu Volume 15 Chapters 94-98


Here it is! It’s been way too long. Even volume 16 has been completely translated, that’s how far behind I am. Something else is in the works too, as if I’m not far behind enough as it is…

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