Hyakki Yakou Shou Chapter 31


Finally releasing this one. I’m quite excited, this is my second most favorite series ever and my favorite series that isn’t fully translated. Please enjoy.

And a comment on current events… Black lives matter, because not all lives are treated equally. Make sure you keep proper social distancing and personal protection.

Links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Art changes between magazine serialization and volume release for Sensor

The following two images are an example of the art changes that are included in the volume release of Travelogue of the Succubus/Sensor. Looks like there’s quite a bit more detail, and some scenes look a lot better. Can’t comment on the dialogue since I don’t know Japanese, though I’m seeing tiny changes when skimming through. The afterword blurb has already been translated into English, but I will upload it when I eventually get around to updating all the files and compiling them into a single release file. Given the quantity of changes, this won’t be any time too soon.