Travelogue of the Succubus Chapter 4


Uh, gross.

Chapters 4 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex


Sunabozu Volume 17 Chapters 104-108


Take a sip of your drink every time Mitsuru apologizes. Finish it if he completly fucks up.

Extra thanks to Constipat8 for his siiiiiick SFX.

Links: MegaGoogle, Mangadex

Travelogue of the Succubus Chapter 3


I’m now pretty curious about how things will go.

Chapters 3 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Gaikou Kakkaku – Sengoku Arquebusier Magoichi


Chapter from an anthology by Kuji Mitsuhisa (Wolfsmund) from which we will work on a few select chapters.

Links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Travelogue of the Succubus Chapter 2


Definitely Lovecraftian.

Chapters 2 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Coral – Tenohira no Umi Chapter 12


A new series we’ve picked up thanks to humbugger omlet!

Chapters 12 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Joint with B-Minus Scans – Beyond the Bad Dream… Complete

Beyond the Bad Dream… is done! You can find the whole series here. We have plans for the future for more Uguisu Sachiko so stay tuned…

Paranoia Street Chapter 11


(NSFW) Next chapter in the volume. Thanks to ckrit for helping out!

Links: MegaGoogle, Mangadex


The Princess of the Lonely Isle Anthology Chapter 1 – Red Sleeves


The Princess of the Lonely Isle is an anthology written by one of my favorite authors, Ima Ichiko. Her longest work, Hyakki Yakoushou, is one of the most enjoyable manga I’ve read. If you have a chance, check it out!

This first chapter, on the other hand, is a pretty mysterious four page color story. What are your theories?

Chapters 1 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex

Travelogue of the Succubus Chapter 1


A brand new series by Junji Ito.

This one is quite unique, in that it’s new, not an adaptation, is a serial, and is very Lovecraftian in nature. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect. Will it be episodic (it is a travelogue, after all)? Will it be one long continuous story like Hellstar Remina? Look forward to the next chapter!

Chapters 1 links: Mega, Google, Mangadex